Time Management in Facility Management

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Learn about tactics and tools for regaining focus on responsibilities and an effective use of time and energy

"I practiced the art of getting more things done rather than getting the really important things done well."
                                                                             -R. Alec Mackenzie

Most facilities management practitioners face a daily dilemma: too much to do and not enough time to do it in. There are too many opportunities to pursue too many problems to solve, too many projects to work on, too many people to please, too many people wanting too many pieces of your time.

Rising pressures in all aspects of the organization forces facilities staff to rethink what time means and how they can squeeze the most out of each minute. In many ways, however, time management is simply common sense. But just because it's common sense doesn't mean it's common practice. And it certainly doesn't make it easy.

Our primary goal with this 155+ pages resource is to help you be more successful in gaining control of your time. We do not have a secret formula that makes it all work but we can suggest solutions for your time problems. The rest is up to you.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- An overview of time management
- What happens to your time? -a self-test
- The cost of disorganization
- Being too busy is a state of mind
- Strategies for personal effectiveness and a way around excuses
- Taking charge of your time
- The importance of delegating to you and your staff
- Dealing positively with stress
- Saying no constructively
- Good communication saves times
- Dealing with procrastinators
- Running effective meetings
- Clearing paperwork off your desk
- E-mail and time management
- Nobody seems to respect my time management
- Time management tips

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