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  • Facility Management’s Relationship to Workplace Safety
    The occupational health and safety function commonly falls under the facility management function in an organization. Even for the facility manager who is not directly accountable, the works and practices do have an impact on workplace safety. The goal of this article is to reinforce the effects and contributions of facility management toward workplace safety...
  • Understanding the Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle
    In today’s global competition, organizations continue to improve their working environments, as a strategy for sustaining a competitive advantage or as a way of responding to changes before competitors. These continuous improvements and changes are brought about through the implementation of construction projects, relocation projects and facilities improvement programs. The complexity of projects is increasing, which places greater demand on facility management teams.
  • Incorporating Facility Management throughout the Project Lifecycle
    The maintenance and operation characteristics of buildings and their effects on an organization are a direct outcome of the initial design and installation processes. Sometimes these designs are done without careful thought to the purpose of the facilities, their place of installation or the effect on the users; or such considerations may come about only after the design and installation has been completed.
  • Strategic Benchmarking for Facility Managers
    Benchmarking - Just another over-hyped business concept or a real tool that cn help you to improve?