Strategic Thinking in Facility Management

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Strategic Thinking in Facility Management

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As facility practitioners today, we know that the organizations we work for know next to nothing about our business. From operations and maintenance to construction, benchmarking through to human issues. The overall complexity of our business makes it something that the boardroom seldom wants anything to do with. Except certain areas that are true to the heart of any company.

There are, therefore, areas of our business that have a major impact on the bottom line of the corporation. These include the resources that are allocated to operating the business and include manpower, its productivity, the budget dollars and how they are best distributed.

This 270+ pages resource is provided to discuss the strategic facility planning process and provide added value to the corporation. The book provides you with tools and skills to be pro-active to the needs of the company, incorporate the strategies of the facilities into the corporate plans and support the short and long-range plans for the future.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- Approaches to business solving
- Strategic management components
- Fundamentals of strategic facilities planning
- Factors that influence strategic planning
- Considerations before you start the planning process
- The 5 steps of the strategic planning process
- Communicating and marketing your plan
- The use of consultants
- Obtaining senior management buy-in
- Ensuring your strategic plan becomes a successful tool
- Managing change
- Business report writing
- Sample plans, worksheets and forms

Self-test section(s) included.

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ISBN: 978-1-897419-27-4
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