Outsourcing of Facility Management Services

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Outsourcing of Facility Management Services

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This practically oriented 195+ pages resource helps build a solid, unbiased understanding of the many factors impacting an organization's decision to outsource. What do you need to make a well-considered decision for your facilities organization? Will outsourcing business processes help your facilities organization control costs and improve the quality of performance? What services are good to outsource, and how do you select a qualified contractor and manage the outsource contract?

Outsourcing takes place when a facilities organization transfers the ownership of one or more business processes to a supplier. The initiative to outsource often originates in the facilities department. The key to outsourcing is different from business relationships in which the facilities organization retains control of the process or, in other words, tells the supplier how to do the work. It is the transfer of ownership that defines outsourcing and often makes it such a challenging, painful process. In outsourcing, the facilities organization does not instruct the supplier how to perform its task but, instead, focuses on communicating what results it wants to achieve. It leaves the process of accomplishing those results to the supplier.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- How to survive being outsourced
- Outsourcing scope, definitions, and myths
- Twelve step strategy to assessing outsourcing
- Cost of outsourcing
- The law and outsourcing
- Evaluation of outsourcing suppliers
- Supplier performance program model
- Preparing a business case for outsourcing
- Managing change
- Examples

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