Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Facility Management

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Facility Management

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This book is designed to guide facility practitioners to effectively plan and manage their own customer satisfaction survey projects. It is not an encyclopedia on the subject of surveying customers or a textbook on survey theory. Rather, its 300+ pages aim to provide the tools the facility management organization needs to collect real and useful information about customers.

The Customer Satisfaction Guidebook introduces theories and concepts, but always with a focus on practical application. It plots a path for the facility management organization from planning the project, designing the questionnaire, administering the survey, to reporting the results.

The book pays particular attention to options for questionnaire design and potential pitfalls. Throughout the book, many figures and charts have been added, as well as sample questionnaires relating to areas such as overall building services, space standards, maintenance, security, help desk, work order processing, custodial, moves, conference facilities, design and construction, and staff courtesy.

If you are ready to learn what your customers expectations are and how well you are meeting them, this Guidebook will help you write the surveys you need.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- The concept of quality customer service and why it matters
- Measuring quality and customer satisfaction in FM
- Types of surveys
- Survey design
- Survey sampling
- Survey administration
- Data processing, analyzing and presenting results
- Developing a basic and effective baseline survey
- Using customer satisfaction measures in contracting
- Using the survey findings
- Designing a success strategy to customer service
- Sample surveys by FM area

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