Managing and Motivating Facilities Staff

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Optimize the facility service delivery by providing quality management and motivation to the facility group.

Great managers aren't born that way. Like leaders in any field, they consciously develop their skills. Moreover, most great managers aren't exceptionally gifted; they don't have any secret formulas. They are usually ordinary, comfortable people, who are not at all intimidating. If they have any characteristics in common, they're probably a sense of humor, a love of other people, and an exceptional ability to communicate.

Truly great managers know exactly what they want from their staff, and set the example for others to follow. They have a vision and will go to great lengths to accomplish their objectives. They have a calm control about them and a way of guiding and inspiring others without force.

This 180+ pages resource sets out to hand you some tools that will assist you in your efforts to become an even better manager or supervisor of your facility team. We touch on topics such as leadership skills, communication skills, delegation skills, conflict resolution skills, and leadership styles. A separate chapter is dedicated to discussing tips for motivating facility group employees.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- Leadership skills: cornerstones, characteristics, styles, pitfalls, do's and don'ts, guidelines
- Ways for motivating facility employees and instilling pride
- Communication skills
- Delegation skills
- Team building
- Conflict management
- Coaching of facility staff
- Organizing and leadership

Self-test section(s) included.

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