Facility Manager: An In-Depth Look at the Profession

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Expand facility management practitioners' knowledge and skills to be able to combine, oversee, and manage the multitude of matters for which they are responsible.Facility Manager : An in-depth look at the profession

In your profession you are faced with ever-increasing expectations. In addition to management/supervisory skills, you need specialized knowledge in the many disciplines of facility management. It is your responsibility to provide professional real estate management, adequate working conditions, effective cost management, and high quality services. Meanwhile, the field is changing rapidly.

This 1,960+ pages resource provides a comprehensive overview of the main topics in the field. In addition to theoretical information you will get concrete information and guidelines for integrated management of your real estate, assets, in-house services, and security. You will get checklists and models that you can apply directly to your situation. Thus, not only will you gain increased knowledge and insight but you will also learn how to implement this new knowledge in practice.

This resource covers twelve key topical areas:
Topic 01: Facility Management, The Profession
Topic 02: Real Estate, The Building
Topic 03: Building Management

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Topic 04: Risk Management
Topic 05: Facility Services   
Topic 06: Purchasing Services and Products
Topic 07: Strategic Thinking in Facility Management
Topic 08: Facility Management and Marketing
Topic 09: Cost Management
Topic 10: Organization and Management
Topic 11: Facility Management Leasing
Topic 12: Facility Management Outsourcing

Self-test section(s) included

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ISBN: 978-1-897419-03-8
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