Company Emergency Planning

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Company Emergency Planning

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All too often, spectacular and dramatic fires are an instant reminder of the importance of having adequate fire protection procedures in place. If the necessary measure are not taken in time, the risk is simply too great in the event of a catastrophe. Fire safety, emergency planning, managing risk should all be an integral part of total risk management policy, especially in organizations that house a great number of people.

This 265+ pages book provides complete coverage of all aspects required for composing and implementing a company emergency plan. Clear drawings, forms and worksheets are provided to guide you every step of the way.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- Who should have an emergency plan?
- About this resource: what is in it, how to use it, who gets what instructions?
- Question and answer sections pertaining to the areas listed below:
- Buildings
- Technical Systems
- Fire extinguishing systems
- Automatic fire alarm systems and emergency systems
- Staff and organization, including structure and duties
- Prevention procedures
- Instructions, warning procedures, and duties: switchboard, reception/security desk, commando team, first aid team, floor captain, fire team, evacuation team, order team, operating of central fire alarm system, false alarm, fire, fire evacuation, operation of central fire alarm system, emergency warning by telephone, pager system, public address system, emergency warning/evacuation systems, VHF radios, emergency warning signal, manual fire alarm, automatic sprinkler systems
- Emergency warning procedures: days/evenings/nights/weekends
- Evacuation and evacuation drills
- Instruction and training
- Inventory of systems
- Floor plans
- Sample instructions

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